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Embodiments of Extraordinary Experiences.

Our in-house creative wing, composed of skilled and dedicated artists with experience in print media, works in conjunction with other teams to create and bring out extraordinary creations with combined themes of travel, photography, food, culture, and architecture.

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Chalo India
What makes India Incredible!

Chalo India is a coffee table book on Indian tourism that succinctly encapsulates “India’s unity in diversity,” a vibrant ethos, a captivating spirit, and an alluring character. This book, a labour of love dwells on the four seasons of spring, summer, monsoon, and winter and relates them to the distinctive character of India’s destinations and unfathomable attractions.

The coffee table book CHALO INDIA takes the reader on a journey through India that rivetingly unfolds as they page through it. All in all, this book is an ideal guide for any reader to persuade and be persuaded to visit the spectacular land that is India.

Inspiration & Ideation

This book is an idea that hopes to demonstrate to the world the fascinating diversity of this grand and glorious land, her rich historical and cultural heritage, and her alluring sights and sounds. It is a warm, wonderful, uplifting, and inspiring tribute tracing the different seasons in which to explore India, her intriguing destinations, her quaint temples, and her unmatched glory.

CHALO is a conceptualised acronym for Culture, Heritage, Art, Leisure, and Opulence that together make up the land of India. This book delightfully showcases India in all its glory with respect to each of these components, along with the splendour of her festivals and the euphoria of the many adventures she offers.

Concept & Creation​

The coffee table book has been carefully planned out from conception to creation. The concept adopted for this book is special and uniquely refreshing – just like the seasons we experience around the year. The book, as you will see, has been divided according to the four seasons — Spring, Summer, Monsoon, and Winter—with a bestrew of relevant adventures and prominent festivals throughout. All the places have been sorted according to the best season each can be visited in, with suggestions of nearby places worth visiting, popular things that can be bought there, and a list of activities that one can indulge in when visiting that particular place.

The Coffee Table Book is packaged sustainably and is a one-of-a-kind creation, expertly crafted by our noble mavens with unwavering caliber and attention to detail.

Thematic Impression

The magnum opus dwells on the theme of bringing out the charisma and character of different seasons through artistic means. Each place, when visited in particular seasons, has its own distinct feel and palpable aura. The thematic differences in the fonts that have been used for each season throughout the book give the reader a sense of certain change and make them relish the different experiences that each of the destinations in a particular season has to offer.

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