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‘Chhota Hathi’ Tata Ace made a Big Splash

Drawing from the brand attributes of trust and reliability, we created topical creative digital ads relevant to the brand that stirred quite an interest and admiration for Tata Ace.

The beautifully conceptualized mascot ‘Chhota Hathi’ (Small Elephant) touched on unforgettable moments with a humorous angle through moment marketing, effectively using real-time, self-explanatory storytelling to gain mind-space to capitalise and drive product advantage. The series was innovatively put together to highlight the Tata Ace brand promise along with a reference to the vehicle’s compact size and superior strength.

Channeling creative storytelling at its finest

The ingenious flow from sketches to a campaign well-executed.

The Challenge We Faced

We had to design and leverage a mascot that would create an immediate interest amongst the audience, building a higher recall of the vehicle and the brand. The challenge was to create an interesting communication strategy for the category of small commercial vehicles which is otherwise considered uninteresting.

Our Strategy & Design Process

We created the Chhota Hathi (Small Elephant) mascot, a reference to Tata Ace’s compact size and superior strength to carry goods, and also developed a series of digital ads featuring it. The series covered contemporary topics such as sports, annual budget, Christmas, Virat Kohli- Anushka Sharma wedding, the 2-million Ace sales milestone, PNB, and much more.

The Result We Achieved

The seasonal topics of immediate interest released on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram caught the attention and brought smiles on the faces of the audience, spreading awareness and interest of Ace and ‘Chhota Hathi’ among non-Ace users as well. It went on to become one of the most popular and adored mascots in India.

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