Our campaigns are a result of creative release, insightful strategy, constant brainstorming, lucid communication, and clever design.

Conceptualizing a workspace that inspires.

Inspired by the brand’s motive to only give the best, we created a workspace that motivated and empowered people to focus on the same. The concepts and ideations were put together to bring out an ambient workplace, make the employees thrive on their capabilities and ambitions and inspire them to give their best output to the company.

An elemental makeover of a challenging workspace

Creatively branding the office ambience with a modern take.

The Challenge We Faced

Branding of the two floors adhering to Wabtec’s brand guidelines and norms had to be taken up. The client was clear that they wanted a modern take on the creatives and these respective creatives should add up to the ambience of their workplace and promote an emotion of collective belonging. The task was to bring out an ambient workplace that boosts the employees productivity and engagement.

Our Strategy & Design Process

We did a thorough research on the brand, understood their vision, mission, values, and products. This branch deals with the transit sector of the company and hence, all the creatives were ideated and conceptualized around this specific sector. We had to strategize keeping in mind the proximity and the location of the office, as it was situated on the outskirts of the city with no basic amenities in the near vicinity.

The Result We Achieved

The artwork on every floor was a result of thorough planning. We covered most aspects of the brand in these creatives and made sure each was exclusive from another to add the required vibrancy to the space. As we wanted this branch to create an exceptional impact as compared to other branches, we created a wall where we implemented the iconic sphere-thread well which grabs the focus and attention of any viewer. 

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